Warranty Service

pool heat pump technician

Imagine this, you installed your swimming pool heat pump last year and shut it at the end of the season. A brand new swimming season is beginning so you turn on your pool heat pump. It doesn't turn on. You read the owner's manual and everything seems to be setup correctly but it still doesn't work. What do you do? Most likely, you would call the person who sold it to you. They would refer you to the manufacturer and good luck from there.

At the Pool Heat Pump Store we know our manufacturers will not give you the runaround. Their warranty service is setup to be efficient. In fact, to make it even faster, they don't want you to call us first. The warranty service desk is found online on their website 24/7. Once the service form is filled out and sent, the service desk receives it immediately and bypassing the middle man. The technician usually takes 2 to 3 days to come out and service the equipment. The industry average is 20 days. Do you want to wait 20 days for service? I don't think so but what can you do? You didn't know the service wait time when you purchased your swimming pool heat pump from those other manufacturers. With us, you know before you buy. Go ahead, check out the manufacturer websites. And finally, we are here to help. We will be your middle man if you need us.